About Clutch Space Systems

Clutch Space Systems is a UK based SME focussing on the ground segment of the space sector. We aim to remove cost and complexity from satellite communications.


Clutch Space was borne out of a need to produce a full ground segment for an Earth Observation satellite with no budget for neither the development nor the operation during the mission.

Clutch Space has developed a software-based system which significantly extends the capacity of satellite ground stations, which we see as a bottleneck. Our system also enables legacy systems to be replaced, provided additional redundancy or upgraded at a massively lower cost than the present replacements. 
We are uniquely positioned, being the only company of its kind offering proven capability, a rapidly deployable model and a competitive price point. 
Our systems have been in full operation successfully for over 12 months.

At Clutch, we have been working together since 2012, the team have diverse skills and knowledge in the development and commercial delivery of Space Systems.

With a combined experience of more than 130 years in Space Systems and Satellite Operations, there are plenty of tried and tested methods as well as groundbreaking new approaches, which we can bring to any mission or sub-system.

We also bring our unique perspective to addressing any ongoing technological, operational and commercial problems and limitations with both traditional space methodologies, but also to the 'yet to be proven' 'New Space' concepts and business models.


We have the discipline and engineering skills of the traditional space industry, however, this is instinctively intertwined with the commercial edge of the new space generation, with particular experience in the field of satellite communications and the specifying, development and operations of LEO Earth Observation Satellites and Constellations.

We are a privately owned start-up with a growing list of global customers and world-class development and commercial partners, we strive to work with the best at what they do. 

We are based at the Surrey Technology Centre, on the same Research Park as SSTL and BAe Systems in Guildford, Surrey. We are a Residential Member of the Surrey SETSquared Incubator.