The CLUTCH-AnyBAND products and services range were developed from decades of cumulative experience of Clutch Space Systems team members working on several LEO Earth observation missions as designers, suppliers, customers, and customer representatives.

Observing key areas where the cost of this back-end equipment could be reduced, we have developed and tested a fully software defined ground segment which implements the significant part of the hardware elements into software. This software suite is fully virtualised and interfaced with the physical world via Software Defined Radio boards (converting raw RF or IF signals to 1’s and 0’s, and 1’s and 0’s into RF or IF signal) at the antenna station end and via Ethernet connection to the internal SCC/MOC network.

Technical Specifications

Payload data rates: Up to 1 GB/s

TTC Bandwidth: Up to 16 MB/s

Management: Remote access

Power: Single phase, 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Hardware: COTS SDR and ESXI server or dedicated PC

Compatible X-Band Demodulators: RT Logic, OmniSat, ViaSat, ZDS Cortex

Installation: 1 Engineer < 1 day

Configurations in use: Full duplex S-band, X-band Receive

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