Martin Philp

Martin Philp

CEO & Co-founder

Martin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clutch Space Systems with 30 years experience in Space and Technology. He has previously worked fororganisations including SSTL/DMCii/Airbus /Philips, in both technology sales and product leadership roles, covering robotics, VR/AR and SaaS product lines.

Martin has worked in satellite communications since 2000, with the first digital video systems in the UK and was involved in the early development of iPlayer and iTunes. High technology customers and partners have been as diverse as Apple, Google, BBC, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, Airbus Defence and Space, the Olympics and many other sports broadcasters around the world.

After joining SSTL’s commercial arm, in 2012, Martin worked on recovering the business to profitable operations ahead of the merger into Airbus Defence and Space in 2016. On completion of the integration, he left to lead a start up in Belfast, after gaining £3.1m in funding. After 18 months of making progress, it was decided to split the organisation into the two opportunities which had developed.

Martin took what is now Clutch Space on, with two key members of staff.
He has worked in Engineering, Support, Operations, Marketing, Sales and General Management roles with global leadership responsibility.
Martin has an MBA from Warwick Business School, with a first degree in Engineering.

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