Consultancy Services


The experience of the Clutch Space team, throughout the development of the mission concept and its evaluation, the technical and commercial aspects of both evaluation of the intended service, but also the design and associated risk of the build of the segments, including the space segment. 

  • Proven ability in developing commercial solutions, including concept development, and improving established operations

  • We advise and support customers interests and offer an assured delivery to requirements

  • We provide training in commercial, technical capabilities and knowledge in space-related activities

Projects we have delivered on: -

  • Provided a seven times increase in global data sales revenue for an established commercial satellite operator

  • Reduced project delivery schedule by 40% through focussed engineering practices for a space market entrant

  • Provided guarantee engineering resources for the development of a nano-satellite, recovering the mission to successful completion, including launch and a fully functioning space segment

  • Delivered the commercial turnaround of an earth observation satellite constellation, producing sizable profits following many years of losses.