The CLUTCH Any-BAND software was developed and tested for more than 3 years ahead of the first deployment on an earth observation satellite in low earth orbit and has been in faultless service for the last year of day to day operations and over 4000 perfect contacts.


CSS has demonstrated the capability of the CLUTCH-AnyBAND system to deliver the desired robustness and dependability required for satellite communications while generating over 50% in savings for our customers with rapid-deployment of the software suite.

The flexibility of reconfiguring the system in software allows rapid changes to the satellites which can be managed. This enables a reduction in the hardware necessary for multiple satellites and allows for real-time switching to meet the future needs of larger constellations on traditional antennas, and is particularly applicable to advances with array antennas.


  • Software Suite Communications for Payload and TT&C Back End

  • For Satellite/UAV/HAPS Platforms, including for GEO, MEO and LEO Orbits

  • Available in L, S, X, Ka and Ku Bands, as well as VHF and UHF

  • Removes bespoke long-lead hardware from operations

  • Order of magnitude lower hardware costs for ground stations, ideal for a new site as well as a networked back-up failover site

  • Enables increased loading on current infrastructure

  • Can be deployed as with full redundancy as a stand-alone solution, or as a parallel channel to existing systems.

  • Placed technically as an enabler for next-generation antennas, including phased-array and flat panels


  • End-to-end implementation of a full protocol stack from RF signal to a high-level packet layer, e.g. TCP/IP layer or similar

  • Designed to be easily customizable according to proprietary specifications and interface requirements provided by the customer

  • Compatible with a wide range of antenna systems and network configurations including those containing remote elements

  • Any configuration can be easily replicated to multiple ground stations

  • Can be seamlessly integrated with an existing and live ground segment and/or antenna system