CLUTCH-AnyBAND currently serves S- and S-/X- band and further developments will support Ka, Ku and X-Band.

Built from the systems level perspective, incorporating the wider needs of satellite operators and missions in general.  Developed using systems engineering approaches of SSTL, Airbus Defence and Space, with automated test regimes, stressing the need for resilience.

CLUTCH-AnyBAND is a high performance solution, with an excellent value proposition for satellite ground station network providers and satellite operators looking to solve their own ground segment needs, including easy integration into existing network management systems, solving the problem of costly legacy replacement and support.

Our solutions run in a fully virtualised environment on generic servers, with an SDR board being the only piece of non-generic hardware.  We also offer a range of optional support services.



Provides full TT&C and payload communications
High performance software suite
Easily configured for different wavebands, protocol stacks and data rates
Additional encapsulations, protocol stacks and modulations can be added without changing the hardware, enabling proprietary protocols and layers of security to handle any future needs.
Software Suite Communications for Payload and TT&C Back End for Satellite/UAV/HAPS Platforms, including for GEO, MEO and LEO
Available in L, S, X, Ka and Ku Bands, as well as VHF and UHF
End-to-end implementation of a full protocol stack from RF signal to a high-level packet layer, e.g. TCP/IP layer or similar
Designed to be easily customizable according to proprietary protocol stack specifications and interface requirements provided by the customer

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